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August 21, 2009

As this blog is called Mosfashion – i feel the need to explain where this came from!

I, as a Moscow born fashionista, always loved the unique style of russian woman, russian art and russian fashion…! It brings everything fabulous together and it represents luxury and exclusivity!Moscow is a fashion city where the Parisian Haute Couture comes together with the natural russian sense of style! You can find it everywhere in moscow!

To me, the personification of the true, the natural and the most beautiful and fabulous russian fashion is Snegurochka. kholui_art_studios_legend_of_the_snowmaiden_no_box_P0000014488S0009T2Her grace, her delicateness, the sparkling jeweled crown and of course, the fur trimmed, white coat…she is perfection and everything a russian girl wants to be!

Of course the russian fashion does not only have its roots in the folk costumes, we can find in the fairytale books or the famous Palekh jewel boxes. The first thing that everyone will think of are the tsars!

Just think of the Kremlin, Fabergé, the crown of Catherine the Great….This ist all the epidemy of what you can call „over the top“…and it is all highly inpirational for the russian life of today. Go to Moscow and what you will find is a mixture of the old magnificence and the new russian sense for modern and contemporary fashion.

Not only I am daily inspired of the heritage that Moscow has left for us, even Karl Lagerfeld is 😉20090427_chanel_250x375This is the Snegurochka of today!

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